MIDTERMRENT.ONLINE = 1 month < RENTAL < 1 year, is a platform for rental of properties in medium term duration. There is a gap missed by many other websites or platforms because this medium term rental does NOT fall into normal tenancy, i.e. >1 year, neither is that of Airbnb = short term rental which is days or at most – in weeks.

Hence, our purpose of running this medium term rental website is to satisfy the market of the properties which are usually as below classified:

  1. Short assignments by corporation where staff move in to conduct work assignments (audits, inspections, assessments), but not for long term placement.
  2. Job transfer awaiting further transfers – government staff where they are sent out to peripheral posting, while waiting for the final destination.
  3. Student placement where the likelihood of further adjustment is necessary due to consideration of personal needs (less disturbances by housemates, better food outlets or parental control), or online and off campus trainings, including industrial training or attachments.
  4. Medical procedures which requires medium term of stay, e.g. chemotherapy cycles, radiotherapy or surgical recovery periods near to the healthcare facilities.
  5. Freelance influencers may have assignments over a medium period of time for various projects.
  6. Tourism where backpackers who travel and stay medium term at a destination.
  7. The hop-on type of “testing out” the job suitability, another vocation by the younger generation.

Our service of matching the medium term rental with affordable price is based on a general assumption that minimum medium term rental should be about 33% higher than the market rate of rental for similar property in the surrounding area. This is based on the estimated higher cost below:

For example, a property which is normally rented at RM1,000 per month, the annual rental is RM12,000.

Take the same property when it is rental at 3 monthly interval, the total yearly yield of 3×3 (spacing 1 month interval for sourcing), would be 9 months. RM12,000 divided by 9 months = RM1,333/month.

Therefore, a property for Medium Term Rental should fetch 33% more than its standard rental.

Our philosophy of MIDTERMRENT.ONLINE is to:

  1. provides medium rental platform at a reasonable cost – RM5 per standard advertisement for 30 days, and RM5 for renewal.
  2. provides medium rental platform at a reasonable cost – RM10 per premium FEATURED advertisement for 90 days, and RM10 for renewal.
  3. that new subscribers will enjoy RM500 credit points which can be used to list your advertisements.
  4. that long term subscribers will be invited to be shareholder of AGENTMY.ONLINE.

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